Improve a Indy R5000/180MHz to 200MHz

IMG_0706 The original processor module: R5000/180SC IMG_0707 the INDY from above IMG_0710 Thats what we have to change: crystal-oscillator 3,3Volts 45MHz

IMG_0714 Thats the new one: crystal-oscillator 3,3Volts 50MHz. I got it from for 2,10.- Euro
Name: 50.000000 MHz CXO7050T3/HCMOS/050/20/70 3,3V SMD
IMG_0716 The original oscillator is soldered out. Don't use a 25Watts electronic iron,
that won't work! 
I used 2 80Watts irons to heat the left and right side at the same time.

That worked great. I also don't had SMD tools available.
IMG_0717 ... the new one readjusted ...
IMG_0718 ...and soldered. Hold it or use glue to fix the oscillator otherwise he will move.
After that, just to be sure, solder all 4 pins again.
IMG_0719 All finished. The PCB was cleaned with spirit and a toothbrush.
IMG_0723 The first AAAAAaaahhhh experience. hinv in the command-monitor of miniroot
IMG_0726 and again while running IRIX
IMG_0727 The INDY during maximum load. All is running well, no errors occurred.
The important thing is, that you have to use a SMD oscillator.
Regular ones maybe won't work.
!!! I'm not responsile for any damage during the modification !!!
!!! All changes on your own risk !!!

Update 2002-07-27 : I also tested a 60MHz oscillator (INDY R5000/240MHz, hmmm ?)
but it don't work. The INDY will not start, so I reinstalled the 50MHz one.

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